Whirlpool Professional Product Line

From Europe to the rest of the World: a launch across boundaries.

After a successful launch in Europe, Whirlpool Professional is now increasing its focus on expanding its distribution to the Professional catering and hotel industry in the Middle East and Africa.

This important new business development is the expansion of our current European business in the very demanding and rewarding Middle Eastern arena. Dedicated organizations have now been established across the Middle East and Africa and they are all focused on the same principles of quality, innovation and customer care that have brought Whirlpool’s worldwide success in the household appliance sector.

Over 2000 Different Products

Whirlpool’s professional range is one of the widest and most complete in Europe, Middle East and Africa and provides excellent solutions that fully satisfy the needs of professional catering and hospitality segments. The range includes products of cooking, refrigeration, ice cube making, professional water solutions, laundry, dishwashing, ventilation and preparation.

Whirlpool's Commitment To Excellence

The professional product range is manufactered according to Whirlpool's rigorous specifications and unique aesthetics to ensure the highest quality standards and most innovative technology.

This professional line confirms Whirlpool's leadership and continuous investments in innovation the results of which are robust and flexible designs of exceptional quality, making professional life easier and more rewarding.