12NC: 859991599620 | EAN Code: 8003437609794

WHIRLPOOL - AWZ 9HP/PRO UK - Eolos Professional Dryer heat pump, 9kg

The Supreme Care Professional dryer has been tested to last much longer than a household appliance. Premium design, white colour, chrome-plated details, high quality compoments. The 6th Sense 3DRY Technology makes you experience the next level of precise drying: with its unique thee-dimensional air distribution, even the bulky item are perfectly dried. Eco-Friendly solution with to the heat pump tecnology, A++ Energy Efficiency. A new dimension of Freshness thanks to the Fresh Care + Technology. Easy Cleaning Filter. Soft Move. Woolmark Blue Certification. Stainless steel drum. Wide door opening. Inverter motor. Insulatio package. Digit user interface, 18 cycles, 8 options. Uk plug.

Loading capacity (kg)
Type of User Interface
Drying technology
Heat Pump
Width of the product (mm)
Depth of the product (mm)
Height of the product (mm)
Voltage (V)
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6th SENSE TECHNOLOGY - THE NEXT LEVEL OF PRECISE DRYING Through 3 different sensors, the 6° Sense Infinite Care Technology monitors the humidity and the dryness level of the load adapting the drying cycle automatically, guaranteeing both optimal performance and time and energy optimization. READ MORE
3DRY TECHNOLOGY - UNIQUE THREE DIMENSIONAL HEAT DISTRIBUTION The 3Dry Technology allows a unique 3Dimensional air distribution, reaching every inch of the drum. The hot air enters both through the holes in the back of the drum and through the holes on the lifters, ensuring a more powerful heat distribution and a more uniform drying result. READ MORE
SOFT MOVE FOR THE BEST GARMENT CARE Exclusive drum pattern and special lifters ensure soft touch for the clothes. The customized drum movements are especially designed for a tailored care of your garments. READ MORE
FRESH CARE+ A NEW DIMENSION OF FRESHNESS Fresh Care+ is the solution to keep the garments fresh and soft inside of the drum for up to 6 hours after the cycle ends, avoiding the creation of bad smell and preventing from any folds. This technology allows consumers to unload the dryer whenever they need. READ MORE
WOOLMARK BLUE CERTIFICATION A delicate drying cycle that respects the beauty of the finest woolen garments, keeping them as soft and smooth as new. Thanks to the Sense Inverter Motor, that enables the satellization phase at the end of the cycle, the clothes cling to the side of the drum, so their fibres are protected from felting. The cycle is endorsed by the Woolmark Company and gained the prestigious Woolmark Blue Certification. READ MORE
ENERGY SAVING The New Supreme Care Dryers are an eco-friendly solution; the Sense Inverter Motor and the heat pump technology assure the maximum energy efficiency without compromising the drying results. To dry a full load with cotton cupboard dry, you can save up 60% of kWh compared to a standard condenser dryer. READ MORE
EASY CLEANING Cleaning the filter has never been so easy. A little filter collects the fluff in the condenser compartment, making the operation easier than ever. It takes just 3 easy steps: open the filter, pull the ergonomic handle to extract it and clean it. The dryer will work for longer at its best. READ MORE
DESIGNED AND TESTED TO LAST This new line has been designed and tested to guarantee high standards of quality, robustness and reliability. The 5,000 working hours reached during the reliability tests verify and prove the physical resistance of these components. READ MORE
PREMIUM NOISE PACKAGE The inverter motor combined with the insulation pack allows users to experience the most absolute silence while the machine is running. Internal panels absord the noise of the motor, the compressor and some internal components, reaching just 64 dbA. READ MORE
Technical Features
Product Features
  • Drum material: Stainless steel
  • Loading capacity (kg): 9
  • Type of control: Electronic
  • Number of programmes: 18
  • Construction type: Free-standing
  • Main colour of product: White
  • Panel Language: Symbols
  • Type of control settings: LCD
  • Type of User Interface: LCD
  • Plug type: UK
  • Bottle present: Top
  • Kind of motor: BPM
  • Automatic drying cycles: Yes
  • Drum Reverse: Yes
  • Drying technology: Heat Pump
  • Drying time selector: Yes
  • Noise insulation present: Yes
  • Residual humidity control: Yes
  • Steam Option: No
  • Door hinge: Right reversible
Technical Specification
  • Width of the product (mm): 595
  • Depth of the product (mm): 656
  • Height of the product (mm): 849
  • Width of the packed product (mm): 655
  • Depth of the packed product (mm): 693
  • Height of the packed product (mm): 872
  • Product Volume
  • Net weight (kg): 44
  • Gross weight (kg): 46
  • Electrical connection rating (W): 850
  • Voltage (V): 220-240
  • Frequency (Hz): 50
  • Drum volume (L): 120
  • Noise level (dB(A) re 1 pW): 64
  • Current (A): 10