12NC: 854448901000 | EAN Code: 8003437963858

WHIRLPOOL - ADN 489 - Flatwork ironer 150 cm

Chest Pressure Control, adjustable according to fabric type. Possibility of setting various standard and customized programmes for different temperatures, speed, pressure and fabric. Auto-adjustment of the roller speed. Adjustment table. Pedal board. Emergency stop button and Anti-Panic bar for istant chest opening and total safety. Simple and versatile micro-processor with wide display that keeps also the record of the working hours. Inverter motor. 3-layer rollers. Cool down function to save energy using the heat energy stored.

Length of roller (mm)
Ironing capacity (kg/h)
Width of the product (mm)
Depth of the product (mm)
Height of the product (mm)
Voltage (V)
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AUTO ADJUSTMENT OF THE SPEED The flatwork ironers are equipped with an automatic regulation device, to adjust the roller speed according to the ironing temperature. Since linen may have different levels of moisture, the speed is automatically increased or decreased according to the temperature of the roller. READ MORE
ADJUSTABLE TABLE The table can be adjusted to make the user's position more comfortable. READ MORE
ANTI PANIC BAR The Anti-Panic Bar is an additional safety device for the operator. It is positioned at knee level, and instantly releases the chest when pressed. READ MORE
ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY The high-resolution touch display allows an unlimited storage of ironing programmes, which can vary according to the temperature, speed and pressure. The programmes can be modified even during the cycle and there is also the possibility of associating icons or customized pictures for each programme. READ MORE
ENERGY SAVING From the display it’s possible to activate the Cool Down Function, which can be selected when the cycle has almost terminated; the heating system stops but the flatwork ironer keeps on working with the heat energy stored. When the temperature drops below 80°C, the flatwork ironers turns off automatically. This functions has the advantages to prolong the life of the roller cover and saving energy due to the use of the heat energy stored. READ MORE
HAND SAFETY BAR The hand safety bar prevents the accidental slipping of a limb or stretching of a textile behind the roller. READ MORE
PEDAL BOARD The pedal board starts and stops ironing simply by pressing it of with the foot. READ MORE
POWER CONTROL FUNCTION Thanks to this function, the operator can choose whether to make the machine work at low speed or at the highest level according to the power available, having the opportunity to check the energy consumption on the display. READ MORE
EASY SERVICING The touch-screen control panel keeps the a record of working hours, giving the opportunity to read the history of alarms and errors that may have occured. READ MORE
IRONING PRESSURE CONTROL An advanced system capable of controlling the ironing pressure and customising the programme according to the fabric, ensuring flawless results. Moreover, the torsion bar helps to maintain the chest pressure uniform along the entire roller length for perfect ironing. READ MORE
Technical Features
Product Features
  • Drum diameter (mm): 330
  • Heating type: Electric
  • Ironing speed range (m/min): 01-06
  • Length of roller (mm): 1500
  • Suction capacity (m3/hour): 200
  • Construction type: Free-standing
  • Kind of motor: Inverter
  • Main colour of product: Grey
  • Pedal board: Yes
  • Type of User Interface: Digit
  • Adjustable table: Yes
  • Anti-panic bar: Yes
  • Automatic adjustement of roller speed: Yes
  • Chest pressure control: Yes
  • Customized program: Yes
  • Emergency stop button: Yes
  • Hand safe bar: Yes
  • Ironing capacity (kg/h): 40
  • Plug type: No
Technical Specification
  • Width of the product (mm): 2013
  • Depth of the product (mm): 671
  • Height of the product (mm): 1087
  • Width of the packed product (mm): 2100
  • Depth of the packed product (mm): 724
  • Height of the packed product (mm): 1273
  • Net weight (kg): 220
  • Gross weight (kg): 240
  • Electrical connection rating (W): 7500
  • Voltage (V): 400/3N
  • Frequency (Hz): 50