12NC: 854448601000 | EAN Code: 8003437963827

WHIRLPOOL - ADN 486 - Flatwork ironer 125 cm

Chest Pressure Control, adjustable according to fabric type. Possibility of setting various standard and customized programmes for different temperatures, speed, pressure and fabric. Auto-adjustment of the roller speed. Adjustment table. Pedal board. Emergency stop button and Anti-Panic bar for istant chest opening and total safety. Simple and versatile micro-processor with wide display that keeps also the record of the working hours. Inverter motor. 3-layer rollers. Cool down function to save energy using the heat energy stored.

Length of roller (mm)
Ironing capacity (kg/h)
Width of the product (mm)
Depth of the product (mm)
Height of the product (mm)
Voltage (V)

Product Detail

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Technical Features
Product Features
  • Drum diameter (mm): 250
  • Heating type: Electric
  • Ironing speed range (m/min): 01-06
  • Length of roller (mm): 1250
  • Construction type: Free-standing
  • Kind of motor: Inverter
  • Main colour of product: Grey
  • Pedal board: Yes
  • Type of User Interface: Digit
  • Adjustable table: Yes
  • Anti-panic bar: Yes
  • Automatic adjustement of roller speed: Yes
  • Chest pressure control: Yes
  • Customized program: Yes
  • Emergency stop button: Yes
  • Hand safe bar: Yes
  • Ironing capacity (kg/h): 30
  • Plug type: No
Technical Specification
  • Width of the product (mm): 1763
  • Depth of the product (mm): 671
  • Height of the product (mm): 1087
  • Width of the packed product (mm): 1870
  • Depth of the packed product (mm): 724
  • Height of the packed product (mm): 1203
  • Net weight (kg): 174
  • Gross weight (kg): 192
  • Electrical connection rating (W): 5400
  • Voltage (V): 400/3N
  • Frequency (Hz): 50